symptom zero

August 31, 2009

we walk on streets with empty lungs

sometimes we’re lonely we eat candy floss cherry yogurt

we cross the buried colours sometimes when we wait for the traffic lights somebody

is screaming behind us you’re the ones who killed the rain and we’re

sometimes lonely.

other times we hold hands that’s when the streets become narrow the sun

is hiding in my backpack near the steyr 40 sw whispering let’s blindfold him

noone will know that you shot me on thursday morning they will all look for you in the dark

no no i say sligning stars one by one let us play

see for every dead planet a little girl will mourn her mother the universe

stuck in an eyeless wrack will get my silence out of tune

and i’m

stuck in a half staccato getting stripped  of cardinal points.

(a dear someone asked me not to waste these. same person asked me not to waste myself. now, what am i doing here?)


One Response to “symptom zero”

  1. total crap Says:

    it’s hard to envisage a lactobacillus that produces spun sugar, i think you’ll find that they convert sugar to lactic acid.

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